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Maritime Transport drives road safety in 2020

Posted 11 Jan 2021

Maritime Transport Ltd. (Maritime) is delighted to have accomplished some of its biggest road safety milestones to date in 2020, including a significant reduction in road-related incidents, and an increase in the number of drivers who achieved top-end telematics grades.

As a result, the company subsequently rewarded over 2,000 drivers in December with a bonus payment in excess of £1,300,000 for their outstanding safety performance, averaging around £600 per driver. Furthermore, 69 drivers across Maritime’s depot network who achieved optimal telematics grades for safe and efficient driving and remained incident-free throughout the year received an additional £1,000 uplift.

Maritime’s safety bonus initiative, now in its eighth consecutive year, was introduced as a means of encouraging its driver workforce to maintain higher levels of safety and compliance on UK roads. Based on vehicle telematics scores, drivers are graded between A - G on their driving performance via a range of key performance indicators, such as fuel efficiency, braking, and acceleration.

99.4% of drivers finished 2020 with A – C grades.

‘With a fleet that covers over 130,000,000 miles per annum and 19,500+ weekly moves, the safety of our drivers and other road users is absolutely paramount at Maritime and a key consideration in everything we do,’ said John Williams, Maritime’s Group Executive Chairman. ‘I am immensely proud of our driver workforce, and the incredible work they carry out each day to help us achieve high levels of safety, particularly during the pandemic, a period which has highlighted the essential work and critical role that drivers play in our nation’s economy and meeting high demand to keep Britain moving. The safety bonus is nothing short of well-deserved and a testament to their hard work.’

Training and development is a key focus area at Maritime, which operates an innovative and engaging driver training programme each year that incorporates the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. On-road and classroom-based courses are developed in-house utilising knowledge and skills from specialists in various areas across the business. They are led by a number of full-time, fully-qualified driver trainers stationed across each of the company’s depots who provide additional support to thousands of drivers to ensure they are further-equipped to operate as safely as possible on the road.