Maritime’s work with the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP) has worked to great effect. The CTP functions as a way of assisting armed forces personnel in their search for a career upon leaving the military. Maritime have worked closely with the CTP over the years and have successfully placed a number of service leavers in roles within the company. 

Maritime offer work experience to service personnel whilst they are still in the forces as a way of both parties assessing suitability for a role within the company. During this time Maritime will train and mentor drivers and, more often than not offer them a role with the company. Maritime hold the professionalism, training and work ethic instilled by our armed forces in great regard and have found ex-servicemen and women a fantastic fit with the business.

'The transition to civilian life seemed very daunting after 12½ years in the Royal Artillery, but it has certainly been made easier since starting at Maritime. There are lots of ex-forces personnel at Maritime, and the company shares the same work ethics, I feel like a valued member of the team.'

Mark Fuller, Day Driver

Please note: our Career Transition Partnership is fully-resourced at this moment in time, however if you would like to register you interest please get in touch by emailing