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Maritime Transport and Scania UK partner up

Posted 22 Oct 2015

Since the introduction of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) in September 2014 the issue of a national driver shortage has rarely been out of the pages of industry and national news.

Concerns over the ageing population of HGV drivers and the lack of new drivers coming into the industry has prompted much debate with the government, industry bodies and transport businesses all involved in efforts to tackle the issue.

As two of the most recognisable names in transport, Maritime and Scania have formed a partnership to offer those interested in a career in driving, an easier path into the industry.

Maritime have introduced their own Professional Driver Scheme designed to offer newly qualified and inexperienced drivers the opportunity to sign up to a year-long course designed to teach best practice through a structured training and mentorship program. 

"This course allows Maritime to train drivers with limited commercial experience in all aspects of our business," said Simon Smart, MD - Containers. "Gaining employment within a reputable transport company is extremely difficult for newly qualified drivers however we see this resource pool as a fantastic opportunity to develop drivers into the professionals we need them to be." 

As one of the leading manufacturers offering training in the UK, Scania have endorsed the Maritime Professional Driver Scheme in the best way possible.

“This course allows Maritime to train drivers with limited commercial experience in all aspects of our business”

"Maritimes Professional Driver Scheme has really impressed us," said Mark Agnew, Driver Development Manager. "We feel that the responsible and considered program they offer will result in a higher calibre of drivers on UK roads and for this reason it compliments what we are trying to with our driver training program here at Scania."

Scania have acquired funding from the Department of Work and Pensions for license acquisition and are currently accepting applicants for their training courses.

"Scania, in our opinion, offer one of the best training courses in the industry therefore we are delighted they have chosen to recommend Maritimes scheme to their successful graduates," said Gary Austin, Transport Manager. "The knowledge that a new Maritime driver has graduated from the Scania Driving School gives us the peace of mind that we are taking on a very high calibre of driver as a starting point."

For more information on this great joint initiative you can contact Maritime or Scania direct at: