Maritime's vehicle and trailer fleet is one of the most extensive and modern in the industry. Replaced on a three-year cycle, the vehicles are the very latest, low-carbon, fuel efficient trucks in the UK.

The trailer fleet is diverse in order to cater for Maritime's comprehensive service offerings. Comprising of over 2,000 trailers in total, a snapshot of the fleet is outlined below.

  • 1,400 vehicles
  • All LEZ Compliant (Euro 5 or 6)


Maritime use a cutting edge Transport Management System (TMS) to plan and optimise complex logistics, 24/7. The software is bespoke to Maritime and is regularly upgraded with new developments to ensure the company remains at the forefront of technology at all times. 

Linked to a state-of-the-art telematics tracking system, the TMS is updated in real time and accessible by customers. Clients can access all of their bookings online, monitor progress and retrieve proof of delivery notes in PDF format once the work is complete. It’s total visibility and peace of mind, at your fingertips.

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